A project spawned by my love for my own 2 PitBull "Babies"... Most of the dogs featured I have stumbled upon on the pages of the internet. Links to their stories will be included for further information. Art items are for sale in my ArtsyBullies etsy shop... Portions of the proceeds will be donated to Bully Rescue/Organizations.

Please do not duplicate any of my art without my permission, they are all copyright ©Jamie Schwartz visit Jammerdesignz for my tattoo portfolio and other work. "Art is the Pits, Artsy Bullies by Jamie Schwartz" is a registered Trademark. Please do not use any images without my consent.

Commissions & Donations

All images ©Jamie Schwartz
Art is the Pits, Artsy Bullies is a registered trademark, and can not be used with out my consent.

Current Price rates for custom plaques:
(size varies depending on shape of plaque)

For 1 animal/plaque
3"x3" or 3"x5" ------$65
4"x4" or 4"x6" ------$75
5"x5" or 5"x7" ------$85

For 2 or more animals or larger sized plaques please send me an email as prices will be a little more...

plus $2.50 shipping

also upon completion I'll donate 50% to a rescue of your choice (if you don't have a favorite, I have a few I donate to often)

If you are interested in having something a little more playful and would like an ACEO card (a 2.5"x3.5" Art trading card) the options are as follows:


Either option I still retain the rights to use the image for limited edition prints to help raise funds. Images may be used also on stickers, tote bags, shirts, mugs etc.

Portions of proceeds from items sold in my etsy or cafe press shops will also be donated

Here are some I donate to frequently:
Pinups for Pitbulls
(a 501c3 Non-Profit Public Charity!)

Sweet Bark Pit Bull Rescue:

DakodaLove Rescue:
(they are in the process of becoming 501c3)

Bully Breed Rescue:
(a 501c3 rescue)

Princess Buttercup Foundation