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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#30 "Olivia"

#30 Olivia
3"x3" acrylic on wooden plaque.

I have Christmas Puppy Fever. There I said it, it's true. while I have been relentlessly hinting that I want to add a baby girl to our pack to my husband... he was adamant about a big "NO"... Awe Santa please bring me a little girl. LOL I showed him Little Miss Olivia's photo from Pibbles & More Animal Rescue.... So he says to me. Look if you truly want another puppy we need to discuss this now before Pikey is 2 years old (He'll be 2 in May). I said as much as I'd truly want a little girl to add to our mix, I know it's a crazy life change and it's not one I am sure I want right now. I'd really WANT one, however the adult in me knows it's not what we really need. (look at me trying to convince myself, hahahaha)

Truth is besides the 2-3 times a night to get up with said puppy so she learns to go potty outside... and the acclimating her to our boys... all of them, Stan and Pikey and our 2 cats Goku and Masood... Teaching her to be a little lady when it comes to... well everything. I enjoy my time to myself... and Pikey is now old enough that I don't have to watch him every waking second to make sure he isn't chewing something he shouldn't... and my heart has stopped on more than 1 occasion at the thought of one of them being hurt... then there are the emergency trips to the vet for little and big things... Am I trying to give myself a heart attack by adding another factor in the mix! LOL I'd love to, but I know it's not the time... Having Domino (our foster in october) gave us a taste of what a 3 dog household would be like, and it was a bit crazy. I have to hand it to all you Multiple (more than 2 ) dog households! You are truly brave, blessed and loved!

So enough about my ranting and raving... Let's meet Olivia! She's a 12 week old red nose pittie who is in search of her forever home! Her and her brother Peanut are both available for adoption through Pibbles & More Animal rescue! Click on her picture below to go to their album. You can also see their Petfinder links here:
Olivia &hearts
Peanut &hearts



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    I was looking at your blog, and I like it!
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  2. OMG this is so awsome... From all of us @ (PMAR) we thank you so much!!!!

  3. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1693409570193&oid=186983446653&comments

    three is nothing :)

  4. Wow that video is crazy! Do they all have there own rooms? LOL I am seriously weighing the pros and cons... There is a little fear in there, but I think it may be all in my head! hahaha I'll keep you posted that's for sure!

  5. Oh, you've really captured those soulful eyes in this painting! Beautiful work, and a great cause!

    I referred someone to you that was looking for a hand painted pit ornament. I was too busy to get it done for him by Christmas, and said you have to check out this artist that specializes in painting bully breeds!