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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maya a Sanctuary dog.


3"x3" acrylic on wooden plaque.

I was asked by one of my tattoo clients if I could paint a dog she helps sponsor. Maya is currently in a sanctuary. I don't have much more information than that. So today's entry is short and sweet. Just like Maya <3

Got this info on miss Maya:
"Maya is indeed a sweetheart. She came into the rescue I was working with a few years ago and it became clear that she had withstood some type of abuse and did not trust easily. I remember walking her and she'd occasionally bump me with her whole body as if to say, hey I'm here, don't forget about me. She deteriorated in our shelter facility and became more afraid, so we had our behaviorist/trainer work with her and she made definite progress. She would put on a big scary show if someone she didn't know approached her though. She never hurt anyone, but she also wasn't ready to live in a home. Long story short, some people wanted her euthanized because she was deemed "unadoptable" but really she just needed the right environment. So now she is in a wonderful sanctuary where she's safe and getting her needs met. It's an expensive place and the funds we raised don't cover all of it. "


  1. I'd love to add a little more about Maya! I spent years working with Maya and can definitely say that this girl is proof that pit balls are big mush-heads, even after they've been abused and tossed aside. Maya hadn't seen me for six months when I went to get her from the place that wanted to euthanize her and took her up to her new sanctuary forever home. I was still greeted with not just a tail wag, but tons of licks, happy little yips and oh yes...MORE licks and kisses!! She knew she was safe again, and when she went to the vet on the way to the sanctuary to update her vaccines, she was a perfect angel, not even flinching! I look forward to visiting her soon at Spirit Animal Sanctuary in Booneville, NY. The picture above was taken at Spirit Animal Sanctuary and it was hard to get her sitting still with all the hugs and kisses she was passing around!

  2. Thank you so much for adding more on her!!! <3