A project spawned by my love for my own 2 PitBull "Babies"... Most of the dogs featured I have stumbled upon on the pages of the internet. Links to their stories will be included for further information. Art items are for sale in my ArtsyBullies etsy shop... Portions of the proceeds will be donated to Bully Rescue/Organizations.

Please do not duplicate any of my art without my permission, they are all copyright ©Jamie Schwartz visit Jammerdesignz for my tattoo portfolio and other work. "Art is the Pits, Artsy Bullies by Jamie Schwartz" is a registered Trademark. Please do not use any images without my consent.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#7 Matilda

#7 Matilda

Ifirst read about "Matilda" through Sweet Bark Pitbull rescue.

Here's the info under her album:

******" Matilda is a 2 yr old Staffie who was on death row at the Toledo, Ohio humane society. She has been SAFER temperment tested and passed with flying colors!! She is a wonderful dog and was a staff favorite. She is just full of puppy energy, loves to play and run. She is fully vetted; veterinary physical exam, Heartworm test/Heartworm prevention, Fecal exam, UTD on vaccines, Microchipped and Spayed.

If you'd like to meet Matilda please contact Jen at info@sweetbarkpitbullrescue.com"****

Click Her picture below to go see more pictures and information:

Monday, August 30, 2010

#6 "Camilla"

#6 "Camilla"

8/30/10 5"x5" acrylic on wooden heart panel.

I first read about "Camilla" on the Pinups for PItbulls fan page; here is an excerpt from the note:
******Camilla (A1137972, 2 years old, a mere 33 pounds, just a little thing is utter innocence. She is always beaming with joy; that face has the sweetest expression. She's a little dumpling, round and short and yummy. Camilla absolutely adores people and gives her kisses very freely. She has been kenneled with Perky (who we have all been networking recently) as well as other dogs and done fine with them. Having been at the shelter since July 31st and now on meds for kennel cough, she needs out at once!!! If you are considering a new partner in life, please make it Camilla. She will stay by your side for years to come."**********

Click on her picture to visit the actual posting and for further information:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

#5 "Stryker"


When I first saw the post about this puppy... I wanted him so bad, that face just cracks me up! It looks as if someone took a paintbrush and just swept it down his face!!!! Too Cute. According the the comments under his post on the fb page he is in the care of a rescue... Which one I am not sure, but when/if I find out I will post it here &hearts

Excerpt from where I originally heard about "Stryker":

*****"I have never in my life seen a pup/dog as strikingly handsome as this little boy, because of this,we are calling him Stryker. I did ask if his black blaze was spray painted on him. You never know. This sweet tempered pit puppy was picked up as a stray in Houma,LA and now resides at Terrebonne Animal Control. Stryker is estimated to be about 3-4 months old. Due to Parish policies,Stryker can only be released to a reputable rescue. This is a high kill animal control. Because of the oil spill and people losing their jobs,many more pets are being surrendered. The shelter is very rescue friendly,super clean and the staff go above and beyond for the the animals in their care. They are a pleasure to work with. They are also great at picking out the best tempered animals with the sweetest personality."*****

Click the Picture to see the Original Post from the Pinups For Pitbulls Face Book Fanpage:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

# 4- "Blue" Border Collie/ APBT Mix

3"x5" acrylic on wooden panel.

My mother, Gail, had recently manifested a dog into her life... Blue responded to her "calling"... She sent me the pet finder link and I was in love!!! How could you not be with those eyes and that face!!! When my mother inquired about Blue he was already in the foster care of a lovely lady in TN. Blue came to live with my mother via "The Last Chance Highway" and she fostered him until he was placed in his furever home today!!!

Here is Blue's story that was passed along to my mother from Diana, the original woman who saved Blue: (it was originally posted on their blog to help spread the word of his condition and needs.)

*******"Brave Blue, a 1-2 y/o pittie mix, was wandering along a highway in Mason, TN, early in the morning on May 18th, when his whole world turned upside down. He was hit by a car and left to die in the middle of the road minutes before a wonderful lady saw him in her lane and saw him lift his head. Another good Samaritan blocked ongoing traffic so that the lady could scoop him up and put him in her car.

Blue was in shock, covered with blood and fecal matter, but the nice lady who stopped to help him said, “I really felt the spirit telling me to rescue this dog before someone else hit him again.” She rushed him back to Memphis to her vet near Wolfchase where the doctors provided initial exam, took X-rays, gave fluids, stapled a laceration, shaved his fur/cleaned several puncture wounds, and provided pain meds. They recommended, however, that she seek specialist medical care for possible surgery to left elbow and left hip.

She called Grace Rescue owner, Diana Moore, who promised to help and recommended that she take this brave boy to Shelby Center Hospital (where he was named Blue because one of his eyes is blue). X-rays also showed some swelling in the abdominal area and a little fluid in the lungs. Additionally, he did not have bladder control. In great pain, Blue continued on IV fluids and heavy pain meds for a couple of weeks and needed lots of personal assistance just to move from side to side so as not to develop bed sores.

Although his doctor hoped that manipulating Blue’s hip and elbow back into place would prevent the need for surgery, it was not to be. Two weeks after the accident, successful surgery was performed on his hip and for the first time since his accident, Blue finally could stand and walk. Until then, all he could do was lie on the perforated floor of his hospital crate and potty on himself. Presently, his left elbow is manipulated back into place and the bandages are removed, but his doctor is monitoring that over the next couple of weeks. He’s not out of the woods yet for additional surgery."*************



This picture will bring you to his original petfinder link:

Thank you to Lucky Pup Rescue for helping Blue get a chance in a wonderful Furever home! &hearts

Friday, August 27, 2010

# 3 Our Very Own Personal Pittie Love

Staniel J and Pikey

To really kick off this project and see where it goes I needed to start at the beginning. "but this is the 3rd painting" you say? Yeah I know... but after the 2nd I really realized what I want to do with this journey! This painting is an homage to my baby boys... Well they are the only babies I'll have in my life :) I have already picked out the next 3 pups I am going to paint, so I guess you'll have to stay tuned! I subscribe to many bully rescue fan pages on facebook. Through those I get to see many poor souls that I will never meet, and hopefully they will get the help they need and find furever homes... Sadly I know this isn't always going to be the case. Some of them pull hard enough on my heart strings for me to donate and chip-in a little, some of those faces I wish to remember. These dogs will be the inspirations for some of my paintings. I think inevitably I will be opening an additional "Etsy.com" shop to sell these paintings, where the proceeds will go toward the rescues that work so hard to save the lives of those who can not speak up for themselves! I have chose the following three rescues/organizations to donate to: Pinups for Pitbulls, Sweet Bark Pitbull Rescue and Concrete Angels. Like I said before I am still in the beginning stages of this project and once I hit about 10 paintings I will start the etsy shop!

Thank you so much for visiting my little slice of the internet!
Please do not duplicate any of my paintings with out my permission, they are all copyright Jamie Schwartz see www.jammerdesignz.com for my other art.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pittie Love Number 2

I know I said 1/day.... however the 1st one was painted yesterday. So this is actually from Tuesday August 24th! It measures 4"x 4" featuring a Blue nose Pittie in a carnival collar! I love the floppy ears. It is probably my most favorite part of my dogs head!

#2 "Itty Bitty Pitty Love" in Carnival Attire!

An obsession 3 years in the making.....

In November of 2007 My husband, Brian, and I had just gotten married (8/4/07) we bought a house shortly after.... We had also welcomed some friends to live in our guest room while they got back on their feet. So with all this going on what more could we need?! We already had 3 Cats we shared our life with, what work could one more animal require?! Like I said before, in November... we welcomed our first Puppy into our life! We got Staniel J. from a friend.. This friend had an "Oops" litter and we needed a puppy right? LOL With a face like this who could resist:


Stan has really become part of my heart. plain and simple. To think of life without him... well I don't even want to think of it. I was never a "dog person" and never understood why people would obsess over their dogs.... Well know I am one of "those people" You see I have made the conscience decision to not have children... I know I've heard it all before, but you'll change your mind, wait and see... I'm 33 and have never felt that way for a baby. It doesn't trigger anything in me to see a newborn. I can appreciate my friends having children, as I am "at that age" however my choice to have animals to dote upon and spoil... it's my choice :)

Stan was about to turn 2 and Brian and I were about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. So to really celebrate and throw a wrench into things... (we no longer have house guests and life is somewhat "normal") Let's get another Puppy! So we welcomed "Pikey" into our home in July of 2009... again with a face like this who could resist?


Our life is complete for the moment. I wish for everyone to feel the love I receive when I look into my "boys'" eyes.

I have also learned in this 3 year journey the love and hatred for this breed.... It really is a shame that some awful owners out there feel that the way to train these dogs is through violence and abuse... You never see those headlines... the ones where the animal has been on the receiving end of the abuse... I will not deny that these dogs can be powerful. However it's their driving force to please the people they love to do the bad things that reach media headlines... I have also met some amazing people over the last year that have made it their mission to become a voice for these amazing animals! (please check out Pinups for PitbullsLook at these guys, the best of buds!:


Which brings me to my long winded point for starting this new blog... I am artsy. Yep it's true. I don't claim to be the best, but I'm the best at what I can personally do... Lately I have rekindled my love of painting for arts sake... I usually do functional art. Through a couple art projects for charity auctions, I have re-lit that flame! My personal goal is to create at least 1 painting a week, maybe 1 per day if I get really ambitious... So far I have done 2 in 2 days so I am on a roll!

So without further Ado I present to you the first of hopefully many, in my mission to spread some Pittie Love!!!!:

#1 painted 8/23/10 "Pittie Love"

Pittie Love

This piece is on a wooden Heart that is 7"x 7" painted with acrylic and then sealed. The "Pittie" head was from a plastic blank doll I got at the craft store... I took the head and fixed it to the flowers to give this little doggie a fancy collar! Then painted to look almost like "Petey" one of the most loved and famous Pit Bulls of all time, from the old hit tv Show "The Little Rascals"