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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#32 "Pirate"

#32 Pirate

3"x5" Acrylic on wooden plaque!

AAAAAAaaaargh, matey! Here be "Pirate" as I was lurking around today, looking for my tuesday rescue pup...I found his picture on the Bully Breed Rescue page while I had already printed the photo and ran a few errands... thanks to a bunch of networking, by the time I got to painting "Pirate" he was in the process of being sprung from the Brooklyn AC&C!!!! Thanks to Urgent Part 2 for posting far and wide, he was happened upon by his soon to be Foster mom!!! Hooray! This Pirate's tale doesn't end in the gallows!!!

This is what was listed under his photo:

Pirate came to the shelter on 12/24/10. The medical staff feel he is around seventeen months old and weighs in at a healthy 51 pounds. He also did a really good job on his shelter behavior test getting a rating of “Mild”. Pirate is handsome, charming, and he is great help! When the volunteer had trouble with a kennel door, he immediately came to her rescue! Nudging the volunteer gently with his head as if asking "can I help?" Pirate helped opened the door and proudly walked into to play with all the snow he found in there. Pirate seems to be loving to all dogs. He had to greet each dog with a wagging tail on the way out, and although it was during the afternoon hours, our Pirate walked very nicely on his leash calmly and controllably. The volunteer also found Pirate to be very loving, attentive and affectionate. He has oodles of kisses to give and has a magical calming effect about him. He really believes this could be his year – please lets help him make sure it is. "****

If you would like more information on "Pirate" please contact Pibblesnmore. if that link doesn't work you can also try this one to their fanpage: PMAR


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