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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


3x3 acrylic on wooden plaque.

Winter is the first in my "Bullies de los Muertes" series... A part of this blog that I will tribute to those pups who never made it out of the shelter... If you think it's morbid please go read up a bit on the Day of the Dead holiday.

This is a way that we can celebrate these dogs forever... While they are running freely on the Rainbow Bridge

Here is Valerie's story about Winter... Inevitably she was the one that inspired Val to start getting really active into animals... just this year the 19 year old formed the Princess Buttercup Foundation.
"Winter was a deaf Pit Bull at a kill-shelter in NJ. She was at the shelter for a few months before anyone showed interest in her. She was a wild-child on the leash; she liked to play Tug-O'-War while you were walking her for the first 30 minutes or so. But, eventually I was able to teach her that that was not going to be tolerated anymore. :) She was full of life, but was dog-aggressive, which kept her behind shelter bars. Whoever originally had her, probably didn't know much about Pit Bulls, or even more so... deaf Pit Bulls. Deaf Pit Bulls are like any other dog; they need love and training. The only difference is they learn through body language and touch. They don't need to hear to learn. They are just as smart and just as good as any other dog could be, but pay attention better and are more aware of their surroundings. They can see more than other dogs possibly could, they feel the vibrations around them, and feed off of the energy surrounding them. They are great dogs. Winter was a great dog. However, two people decided to take her life away from her and broke a promise they made to Winter. Working with and knowing Winter was an absolute pleasure and life-changing experience, but losing her was an absolute tragedy. It was a losing battle trying to save Winter. The Two Big Bosses who demanded Winter be killed had their minds set and nothing would change Winter's fate. Winter will always have a spot in my heart. She will always have a spot in the volunteers' hearts who also tried helping Winter break out of the shelter. She has taught me to NEVER give up on a dog, no matter what people say and no matter how many people doubt you. She has given me an appreciation for deaf dogs. She has inspired me. I love you Winter. May you rest in Doggie Heaven, where you are surrounded by love and peace."



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