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Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Hector" Bully Ambassador #6

"Hector" -BA#6
3"x5" acrylic on wooden plaque.

You may recognize Hector from his unfortunate claim to fame as being one of the Vick dogs... That greusome past is now behind this Love-a-bull! Here is an excerpt from his facebook page:

*** "Hector was one of NFL quarterback Michael Vick's victims of cruelty as a fighting dog. The dogs were rescued and given a chance to live and Hector is now happy and living life to the fullest. He is a certified therapy dog." ***

Hector has been featured on the pages of Parade magazine as well as even being on the CBS News!
Hector is one of the amazing pups gracing the pages of the 2011 Pinups for Pitbulls calendar!!! What a happy ending for this adorable dog!!!!


Photo credit: Melissa L.


  1. Hello! I found your blog from your Etsy shop and I just LOVE your art. We have a rescued pit, Lacy, and two golden retrievers (both rescues also) and I was looking for some pit bull and golden retriever art to hang in my new bathroom. I just love yours!

    Do you do personalized art?

    Sarah Whitfield

  2. Hi Sarah!!!

    Thank you so much for the interest! I do take commission requests, you can read about it in my etsy shop's policies. The project is for the bullies, but I have painted a few other types of dogs in the past :)

    Thanks again!