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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

#26- Flora

#26 Flora
3x5 acrylic on wooden plaque.

*** Update Poor Flora is spending eternity at the Rainbow Bridge, at least she no longer will have to deal with the lack of compassion that has become humanity. I hope for a day when shelters and rescues are no longer needed.......****

I saw Flora on the Philly Urgent's Facebook Page. The page lists animals at the Philadelphia animal control shelter who need adoption/ foster care.
ACCT is located at 111 W Hunting Park Ave, Philly and is open 9am-6pm every day.
Email nsmith@pspca.org, jsweeney@pspca.org for more information on Flora.

This is what is written under her picture:
***"Hi, I'm FLORA(A11803477).. I was brought here by the police because I didn't have a home. I'm about 3-5 years old and I'm a Pit Terrier mix. I'm all white and I have a really neat brindle colored patch over my right eye. I'm not really crazy about living in the shelter, although I tend to take most things in stride. I'm totally out of that puppy phase.. I'm not very jumpy or hyperactive, but I do enjoy being outside and having the opportunity to spend time with people. At first, I'm kind of shy, but if you give some treats and some pets, I open up and feel much more comfortable. I am looking for someone who will rescue me from the shelter, take me into their family and teach me how to be a great addition to the family. I am super treat motivated, so I'd be a great candidate for some obedience training. I've never really had the opportunity to be around too many other dogs, so if you have a dog at home, please bring him or her up to meet me so that we can make sure we all get along just fine. I don't really mind cats too much either, so I could probably live with them. If you're looking for a pretty, easy going, trainable, friendly dog, then I'm your girl. Please come to ACCT today and meet me!!! Email helpphilaanimals@gmail.com for more information."***


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