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Sunday, September 19, 2010

#18 Bronx

#18 Bronx
3"x3" Acrylic on wooden plaque painted 9/18/10

Bronx is adorable! I first read about him through the Concrete Angel's Modified K9 Pit Bull Rescue. Here is what it says under his album:

***Bronx is a Mastiff mix
(possibly mixed with APBT... hes is around 9o pounds....no one really knows what he is actually mixed with - eventually if we get enough funds we'll have a DNA text done)

Bronx was pulled from the Manhattan ACC by a Pit Bull Rescue located in Eastern Pa.

He was completely emmaciated w/ wounds on both hips... Ears cut right down to his head...the fur around his muzzle is warn down...overall he was just a mess. Noone know the exact past this pup has had but by the look of him..IT WASNT GOOD

His wounds have completely healed and he has gained over 30 pounds.

Bronx loves people of all ages (prev. fostered with 4 children).

The ideal home for him has no other pets, but a submissive female dog would possibly be ok.

Bronx is dog selective.

Bronx is a TRUE terrier at heart so please NO kittys or small animals/dogs.

UTD of vaccinations, neutered, and completely housebroken.

Bronx was bounced around between several foster homes & a vet clinic..all of these placements were not right for him.

Bronx is now(sept 1o,2o1o) under the care of Modified k9 Pit Bull Rescue & will be fosterd by Chelle, Derek & little Dylan Zielinski

He has been waiting for so long for his forever family to find him!

If you are interested in meeting this Beauty please message chelle at modifiedk9@hotmail.com"

Click below to go see other pictures of this beautiful boy in action!


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