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Saturday, September 4, 2010

#9 "Rockee"

#9 "Rockee"

A tattoo client of mine happens to own a rescue in the town where I grew up. Go visit her website here (C.A.P) Well upon one of our sessions she was telling me about some of the animal that they have there... One in particular sent me searching for the site when I got home that night. She told me about an all white pittie mix, named "Rockee". He is deaf, but knows some sign commands and apparently has a super sweet disposition! If we didn't have kitties in our home I already would have persuaded my husband into letting me go snatch this baby to be part of our home. Here's an excerpt from his petfinder page:

*****"Rockee is about 1 yr old , playful, friendly, likes other dogs.....but deaf. we are working at teaching him hand signals and he is picking them up so fast as most deaf dogs do. there is a ton of info on the web on deaf dogs and what great companions they make. if you have a deaf dog or know someone who does and would like to share some info with us or are interested in adopting rockee pls email munchie329@aol.com for an application."*****

click on Rockee's picture to visit his page:



  1. Does Rockee not like cats? Some dogs don't mind them at all.

  2. Since he's deaf it would be a bit harder to control if he didn't, I'm not sure if they've had him around cats since I last spoke with them... My husband said 5 animals is enough for the moment! LOL

  3. Yeah five is kinda pushing it if we're not counting chickens. :P