A project spawned by my love for my own 2 PitBull "Babies"... Most of the dogs featured I have stumbled upon on the pages of the internet. Links to their stories will be included for further information. Art items are for sale in my ArtsyBullies etsy shop... Portions of the proceeds will be donated to Bully Rescue/Organizations.

Please do not duplicate any of my art without my permission, they are all copyright ©Jamie Schwartz visit Jammerdesignz for my tattoo portfolio and other work. "Art is the Pits, Artsy Bullies by Jamie Schwartz" is a registered Trademark. Please do not use any images without my consent.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


OK I have my 11th painting, drawn and gessoed... now I have to paint. However in the meantime as promised I have opened my etsy shop go take a peek!

Here's my Profile announcement and policies:
This shop is where I have chosen to sell these paintings, where 90% of the proceeds will go toward the rescues that work so hard to save the lives of those who can not speak up for themselves! I have chose the following three rescues/organizations to donate to: Pinups for Pitbulls, Sweet Bark Pitbull Rescue and Concrete Angels.

here are thier links:

Pinups for Pitbulls (a 501c3 Non-Profit Public Charity!)

Concrete Angels /Modified K-9 Pit bull rescue:

Sweet Bark Pit Bull Rescue

Please do not duplicate any of my paintings with out my permission, they are all © Jamie Schwartz
see www.jammerdesignz.com for my other art.
I accept paypal, if you do not have paypal please send me a conversation to arrange other forms of payment. Also if you would like a copy of the donation receipt I will provide one upon request.
I ship vis USPS if other means are needed send me a note to make other arrangements.
Refunds and Exchanges

No refunds or exchanges. You are buying a one of a kind piece of art, please read the descriptions for size of plaques and to view all the pictures, before purchase to prevent any buyer's remorse. 90% of the proceeds will be immediately donated once received so I can not offer exchanges or refunds.
Additional Policies and FAQs
This is my way of helping out those rescues/ organizations that put it all on the line to save a soul or three or more... I know I can not adopt or save them all, however if the money raised can be put toward good use and to make the life of a pup that much safer and better, then to me it is worth it... The only reason I say 90% instead of 100% is to cover my etsy and paypal fees. I started this because of my love for my own 2 Pitties. They are the loves of my life... Once you allow a bully into your heart you too will understand that they are not the gruesome animals that the media would like you to think!

If you would like a custom commission of your own dogs feel free to send me a note. These will have a 2 week turn around unless otherwise stated as the rescue pups are my focus for the daily paintings. But I do always love a challenge :) 50% of all commissioned pieces will be donated.

Thank you for checking out my etsy shop, feel free to contact me with any other questions I may not have answered.
Last Updated September 07, 2010

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