A project spawned by my love for my own 2 PitBull "Babies"... Most of the dogs featured I have stumbled upon on the pages of the internet. Links to their stories will be included for further information. Art items are for sale in my ArtsyBullies etsy shop... Portions of the proceeds will be donated to Bully Rescue/Organizations.

Please do not duplicate any of my art without my permission, they are all copyright ©Jamie Schwartz visit Jammerdesignz for my tattoo portfolio and other work. "Art is the Pits, Artsy Bullies by Jamie Schwartz" is a registered Trademark. Please do not use any images without my consent.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Princess Buttercup" - Bully Ambassador #3

PB- BA#3
3"x3" Acrylic on wooden plaque, painted 9/28/10

While Princess Buttercup may best be known as the character from the "Princess Bride" this lesser known "PB" is an emerging Bully Breed Ambassador. She may also not be as well known as Sarge, Carla Lou or even Stubby for that matter... But I hope her story touches your heart as much as it did mine. Here is Princess Buttercup's Story... Quoted from the .pdf file that Valerie emailed me:

Princess Buttercup (aka PB) was originally from an animal shelter in New Jersey. When she arrived
she passed her temperament evaluation with flying colors--she just wasn't recommended to live
with other pets. A few weeks later, a note was posted on her cage for volunteers to not walk her. I
immediately took this dog out to get to know her and to figure out why volunteers weren't
allowed to walk her. When I brought her back into the shelter, I ran into one of the managers and
asked what the deal was with her... the manager couldn't give me an answer, so then eventually one of the staff members who put the sign up said, "She's just a little nippy." So, I was thinking to myself... "Whew... at least it's nothing serious... but still I
don't like that she has that sign on her cage... That's going to deter people from adopting her."

So, after walking PB all the time and getting to know her, I
learned that she was extremely affectionate, intelligent, willing
to please, and enjoyed learning. She loves treats and toys, too. I
even had several dog trainers evaluate her and help me out with
some of her basic obedience (all she knew was "sit").
After all that, is when I was getting desperate and really nervous about PB. She was at the shelter for a while and getting no action from adopters. At the time, a lot of changes were being made at the shelter; good and bad. I started getting worried about her and I just could NOT accept the fact of losing this dog. Luckily, the shelter started a Humane Education
Program. I elected PB to be the first Doggie Ambassador to go to a school with me and the rest of the team to
help teach the kids about animal kindness, dog safety,

and of course show the kids how great Pit Bulls can be. I was almost in TEARS with how totally
AMAZING PB was with the kids. She met over 100 kids in one day -- all of which were running up to
her petting her ALL over her body. She was LOVING it. She literally rolled on her back and had tons of kids petting her belly. When I returned to the shelter to bring her back from the school, nobody believed me when I told them how great she was! All they focused on was how "crazy" she was in her kennel. Thankfully, I had the pictures to prove it. But, when
the staff didn't really show any happiness or excitement, I knew I had to get her into a foster home... So, in the
meantime, I kept bringing her to schools, doing group presentations with PB and tours at the shelter. I had
teachers, friends, and family cross-post her everywhere to give her some more exposure. I posted
her on Craigslist and of course, Facebook.

So, about a month later I found a nice lady willing foster her. She had two young kids, but also 30
horses... When I learned she had all those horses, I immediately wanted to visit her home and see
her living situation. Everything seemed fine and I never thought she would give PB up. But, each
week she kept e-mailing me, texting me, even sometimes calling me telling me how she just can't do it anymore. PB
wasn't housebroken, yet -- so I gave her my own personal dog crate, which she tried once and stopped because PB was
crying her cage. I even made arrangements to meet her at her house with a professional dog trainer to help her out. But,
instead she was in Delaware when she was supposed to meet us... She honestly was a nice lady and was good with animals,
but she just had too much on her plate. So, I had two choices -- 1. bring her back to the shelter where she would be killed
because they were overcrowded and were not allowing dogs to be adopted who didn't do well with dogs and/or cats or
2. take on the responsibility of paying for her vet bills, boarding fees, travel fees, and spend countless hours trying to find her
a home and sit outside of stores with her... Of course, without question, I chose number 2. So, I have been boarding PB. Hopefully, I am moving into my new house in about a month, which then I can let her stay with me until she finds her forever home. I have been taking her to PetSmart to get her socialized with other dogs and of course to collect
some funds for her boarding fees.

Princess Buttercup is just a huge inspiration. She has just a loving personality and loves being
surrounded by people and kids. Once while I was doing a mini-event at PetSmart with her, a few
people were leery of her because of her breed. One person said that they are "really afraid of Pit
Bulls" and "don't trust them", but these people who were once afraid of Pit Bulls, said, "Wow, I
feel so comfortable around this dog" and "She is so loveable!" So, it's really great that many
people got to learn that not all Pit Bulls act the way the media portrays them.
It's been a very long rode for PB and I. I've had a handful of people interested in her, but for some
reason they all back out. I am still hopeful for PB. She does have a lot of supporters on her side. I
don't want PB's story to be about me... but I want to share our story to inspire people to just go
with their heart when it comes to an animal's life and that anyone can do anything they set their
mind, too. I am a 19 year old girl. I go to college full- time, I am employed at the animal shelter part-time
and volunteer there part-time. However, I recently was injured and broke my finger, so I am out of
work (which means... no money), so I had to spend all my money I had saved up for a car on PB's fees.
But, that's alright because she is 100% worth it. Thankfully, I have had 3 excellent supporters by my
side: my mother, my aunt, and most importantly my grandmother. Without them -- PB would not be here
today and our story could not have been shared today.

In honor of Princess Buttercup, I am starting a rescue and educational organization called The
Princess Buttercup Foundation. The goals of this organization are to educate children about
animal kindness and dog safety, as well as rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs from kill-
shelters. Our website can be viewed at: www.princessbuttercupfoundation.weebly.com
Thank you!
Valerie & Princess Buttercup

****End Quoted Email*******

I really don't think I can add anymore to this amazing story! It's refreshing to see someone so you be so selfless &hearts

Monday, September 27, 2010

"Carla Lou" - Bully Ambassador #2

Carla Lou BA#2
5"x5" Acrylic on Wooden Plaque. Painted 9/26/10

Carla Lou is the inspiration that spawned Pinups For Pitbulls... Little Darling adopted her in 1996 through Chako.org. Carla Lou was left for dead in a basement. "Carla Lou has since been an example for Little Darling, teaching her how to be loving, warm, and full of hope despite bad circumstances, cruelty and ignorance." (Quoted from the PFPB founder page) Please click the link to go read the whole story behind Little Darling and Carla Lou, founders of Pinups for Pitbulls.

The Mission Statement:
***"Pinups for Pit Bulls, Inc. works to educate the public about the history and temperament of the American Pit Bull Terrier and Bully Breeds, to raise awareness about Breed Specific Legislation and Breed-Specific abuse, and to raise funds for bully-breed-friendly rescues and dogs in need.

Our goal is to reestablish the defamed reputation of the Pit Bull as America's premier companion animal, war hero, and therapy dog."*****

Little Darling has also been a huge inspiration to me. I first met her last october. I was ordering my 2010 Calendar (PRE-ORDER YOUR 2011 PFPB Calendar today!!!) and noticed the donations tab. I sent them a quick note wondering if they could use some of my hair clips for donations... The Pit Bull Awareness day event was right around the corner, and they'd love to have some! Also We had a mutual friend and decided to meet and grab lunch in New Hope... Where turns out my husband had worked with Little Darling along time ago at a small deli in princeton!!! SMALL WORLD! Let me state here that while I knew that dogs were always up for adoption/rescue... I really had no idea about why the rescue world is so important... Neither one of my dogs have had a tragic starts and they were not rescued, (Much to the dismay of said mutual friend), We love them just the same and do feel that we rescued them from any life they may have had that wasn't involved in ours! However in the past year of getting a little involved on the sidelines, sending various donations and chipping in where I can, using my art towards good... I have learned the harsh and cruel reality that many of these dogs go through and why it is so important to foster or rescue a pup in need. My dog of choice just so happens to be a Pit Bull. Brian and I plan to foster our first bully in need sometime after thanksgiving, for now we are sponsoring him from afar. (See LUKE and help us help him get adopted to a furever home)

The reason for this long winded side story about me is, I wouldn't be doing what I am doing with this project today without Little Darling, and in turn without Carla Lou. They truly are Ambassadors and spark inspiration in anyone they come into contact with! I love those ladies!

Also please come out and join us for the 2010 Pitbull Awareness Day & 2011 Calendar Release Party

when: 10/23/10
Where: Shampoo Nightclub
650 Willow Street (between 7th and 8th) - or the 8th Street subway station
Philadelphia, PA

Daytime: 1 - 4 pm all ages: Adopt-a-bulls, keynote speakers, vendors, and rescues. Dogs who enjoy meeting new friends welcome!

Evening 8 p- 2 a, 21+ w/ ID -- Special appearance by Shorty Rossi of Pit Boss, with acts by Olde City Sideshow, and Burlesque by Little Darling , Candy Mayhem & more!
To donate items for the raffle and silent auction, Email events@pinupsforpitbulls.com, subject PBA DAY

click the picture below to go check out the Pinups for Pitbulls website:

also become a fan on FACEBOOK
and follow on TWITTER

Friday, September 24, 2010

"Sarge" -Bully Ambassador #1

BA #1 Sarge

6"x4" acrylic on wooden plaque. painted 9/24/10

I briefly met "Sarge Wolf-Stringer" last october at the Pinups for Pitbulls, Pitbull Awarness day... I saw this very tall man carrying one of the most unique PitBulls I'd ever seen. The Dog wore an awesome army green coat... it was a little later in the day that I learned this dog was "Sarge" an "Elderbull" being that he's celebrating 16 years this month!! Happy Birthday Sarge!

Sarge is truly a breed ambassador, he spent the first 14 years of his life with an animal abuser in Philadelphia... he has many scars from his old life, but they are only skin deep! In sept 2008 he was rescued along with 30+ other dogs. In Feb of 2009 Sarge was adopted by his new mom and dad. Sarge is a certified "Pals for Life" therapy dog, he visits nursing homes, rehab centers, libraries etc...

Sarge embodies a story of success, having been through so much and being so wonderful....

Here's a picture of him from the 2010 Barking Beauty Pageant
click on the picture to go read more about truly unique dog!!!

Photo Courtesy of: Sit Pretty

Thursday, September 23, 2010

#20 "Roy"

#20 Roy
5"x5" acrylic on wooden panel. painted 9/22/10

I bet this boy is a goof in real life! Look at his face! It makes me giggle!

I first saw "Roy" on the Bruised not Broken fanpage apparently I am not the first to paint this lovely boy... I almost didn't because of this but that smile beckoned me! Here is an excerpt from his album:

*** "CHECK OUT ROY!! This ADORABLE, SMILEY red-nose pittie is in urgent need of either a FOSTER OR FOREVER home, as his current foster situation is not ideal (cramped conditions, lots of crate time, etc.) ROY was saved from Death Row by the incredible rescue group, DakodaLove, but NOW REALLY NEEDS OUR HELP! He is SUCH AN OUTSTANDING DOG! Roy is about 1.5 years old, neutered, up to date on all his shots, HOUSETRAINED, GREAT WITH PEOPLE/DOGS, loooooves to play and snuggle...just a fabulous boy! And a REALLY COOL fact about Roy is that his portrait is hanging in Shorti Rossi's home (from the show "Pit Boss" on Animal Planet)!! Does that sort of make Roy a celebrity? Maybe a little? ;)
If interested in fostering/adopting this AMAZINGLY SWEET dog and would like to fill out an application, please send an email to Cristina at: dakodalove@gmail.com "****

click below to go see other pictures of this silly guy!
Photo: Cristina Pronzati Photography©

Monday, September 20, 2010

#19 Floppy Dog

#19 Floppy

Let me start out with a confession... I &hearts this puppy so much. My best friend, Nicole, is fostering this beautiful little girl. She has stolen the heart of everyone she meets. My boys, Stan and Pikey, absolutely adore her. They play so well together. I am selfishly hoping that she becomes a permanent member of Nicole's family so that we get to continue to see her. She was rescued by the wonderful people at Sweet Bark Pit Bull Rescue this is what they had to say about Floppy (formerly known as Sydney)

*** "This is Floppy (formerly known as Sydney)! She came all the way from Alabama where she was running out of time!

What is she mixed with? We're not quite sure! But adorable...THAT WE ARE COMPLETELY SURE OF!!

She's the cutest, sweetest little girl. Maybe a little Boston terrier in there? Basenj? Whatever she is it doesn't matter. She's as cute as can be and looking for her furever home. She's good with dogs, cats, kids...you name it!

She's 5mos old, spayed and UTD on vaccines. " ***

Click below to see more pictures of this little lady &hearts (in this picture she's standing next to my Pikey)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

#18 Bronx

#18 Bronx
3"x3" Acrylic on wooden plaque painted 9/18/10

Bronx is adorable! I first read about him through the Concrete Angel's Modified K9 Pit Bull Rescue. Here is what it says under his album:

***Bronx is a Mastiff mix
(possibly mixed with APBT... hes is around 9o pounds....no one really knows what he is actually mixed with - eventually if we get enough funds we'll have a DNA text done)

Bronx was pulled from the Manhattan ACC by a Pit Bull Rescue located in Eastern Pa.

He was completely emmaciated w/ wounds on both hips... Ears cut right down to his head...the fur around his muzzle is warn down...overall he was just a mess. Noone know the exact past this pup has had but by the look of him..IT WASNT GOOD

His wounds have completely healed and he has gained over 30 pounds.

Bronx loves people of all ages (prev. fostered with 4 children).

The ideal home for him has no other pets, but a submissive female dog would possibly be ok.

Bronx is dog selective.

Bronx is a TRUE terrier at heart so please NO kittys or small animals/dogs.

UTD of vaccinations, neutered, and completely housebroken.

Bronx was bounced around between several foster homes & a vet clinic..all of these placements were not right for him.

Bronx is now(sept 1o,2o1o) under the care of Modified k9 Pit Bull Rescue & will be fosterd by Chelle, Derek & little Dylan Zielinski

He has been waiting for so long for his forever family to find him!

If you are interested in meeting this Beauty please message chelle at modifiedk9@hotmail.com"

Click below to go see other pictures of this beautiful boy in action!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

#17 Marshmellow

#17 Marshmellow
5"x5" acrylic on Wooden plaque. Painted 9/17/10

I do love a little white Pittie... I think if Brian and I ever decide to welcome another family member I would want him to be of the white variety, sortof like this little puff! Marshmellow was first brought to my attention through the Bully Breed Rescue facebook page, he looks like quite the playful boy!

He is currently in need of a furever home, click below to see more pictures of this playful pup!


Friday, September 17, 2010

#16 Marble

#16 Marble
3"x3" acrylic on wooden plaque. Painte 9/16/10

I saw the shared post about Marble first on the Bully Breed Rescue's facebook page. He is probably one of the most handsome and uniquely marked dogs I have seen! Look at that face!!!! He is still available up for adoption at theBergen County, NJ Animal Shelter.

View his Petfinder page &hearts

Click his picture to go to the page for more information of how to adopt or rescue/foster Marble. &Hearts

Thursday, September 16, 2010

#15 Buster

#15 Buster

This is Buster! I recently got to meet Buster in the fur when he came to my good friend, Nicole Leigh's house, she was photographing him and Jennifer O'Donnell of Sweet Bark Pitbull Rescue for this year's 2011 Pinups for Pitbulls Calendar!!! Buster is such an awesome dog, the pictures in the album really do him no justice! He's come such a long way from being trapped in that garage for 2 weeks!!!

here's an excerpt from his album on facebook:
*** "Buster was locked and abandoned in a garage for over 2 weeks! Food and water were left, but the water was so dirty it was black and the garage was filled with urine. Thanks to the help of many amazing people we were able to get him out and into safety.

He's UTD on vaccines, neutered and is currently looking for his furever home.

Despite the neglect he's endured he's a sweet and wonderful boy! He just wants to be loved!! He shows no interest in house cats and has done well with all the dogs he's met so far!! He LOVES to play and is the most athletic dog we've ever met! He needs a lot of exercise and is looking for someone who's very active!! He's a water dog too and will swim for hours if you let him!"****

Click on Buster's picture to go read about him and see other pictures!!! He is still in need of a forever home!

Monday, September 13, 2010

#14 Bruce----> ADOPTED!!! 9/24/10

#14 Bruce

5"x5" acrylic on wooden panel 9/13/10
Bruce looks so happy go lucky!!! I saw first saw Bruce when he was Bully Breed Rescue's pet of the week!

Here is an excerpt from his petfinder page:

****Beautiful (When I say beautiful, I mean it!) Bruce is in need of a forever home. Bruce had a home once. He was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn, and ended up in a high kill shelter. His owner identified him, but unfortunately, never came to get him. So Bruce waited, for his daddy,but ultimately for death. Bruce has the most unique coat coloring, which is called "blue fawn." He is absolutely stunning, and an awesome boy! He is the perfect mixture of brawn and beauty! This boy is a perfect example of what a pittie boy is! Now Bruce is safe and looking for some place to call his FOREVER home! Bruce is a big boy, but you could never tell! He is gentle and loving, walks beautifully on leash, listens VERY well and just wants to cuddle! He does not jump on you and will wait politely to be pet. Bruce is my big teddy bear! He will lay in the grass and lay me lay all over him! Bruce does well with other dogs,, but would do best in a home with a female. Bruce is 80 lbs of stocky muscle, and around 3 yrs old. He is absolutely stunning (Bruce is one of the prettiest dogs I have EVER seen!!) , and a very unique boy. Bruce has a little over bite which causes his tongue to stick out, which is absolutely adorable! Bruce is great with kids, and great with other dogs!!! If you are interested in this dog, please contact Heidi at bbrct@yahoo.com. Adoption application, references, and home visit required.Adoption fee is $200. *****


Bruce went to his furever home Friday 9/24/10!!! &hearts &hearts

To see more photos of Bruce click his picture below!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

#13 Lucien- Lucky number 13!!!

#13 Lucien

3"x5" acrylic on wooden plaque. painted 9/10/10

When I first saw Lucien's picture by Luv-a-Bulls rescue... I almost cried. Who could possibly do this to an animal?!!! Let alone 3! Lucien's owners had moved out and left him and his 2 "siblings" to die... Starved to death... A good samaritan happened upon them and took them to the Germantown Animal Health Center in Ohio... Where through lots of prayers and Love, Lucien went from a barely 35lbs to now 56lbs!!! When I saw the plea for help I immediately chipped in some money towards his medical bills.... Unfortunately Lucien's story is not a unique one, many dogs suffer the same fate at the hands of cruel owners, however the difference is many go unsaved and simply perish.

Here is an email I had recieved from Luv-a-bulls after my initial donation:
"Thank you for helping Lucien. He is sill alive and our vet has been taking him home with her to make sure he knows hes not alone and doesnt give up!! He was starting to give up a few days ago and I think it saved his life being in a home. I am handing over 1000$ to our vet to use for whatever Lucien and his brother need that was donated today. (His brother is is skelton too but is eating and drinking..funny how those are GREAT things..normally Im worried abou Heartworm or cancer...but for these dogs Im jumping for joy they are eating and drinking on thier own!) I am in tears at how many people actually care about these poor pit bulls. Local media is trying to get a story but they ALWAYS put a bad spin on pit bulls so Im very hesitant in speaking to them on camera or in any way that hey can hurt the breed. Media scares me whenit comes to pits. I dont know if theyll talk to the vet and thats up to them but I have no inerest in talking to one of the main reasons why pit bulls are so misunderstood, you know.
Im going to write an update as things change.
Thank you so much for helping him!!!"

And here is the excerpt from his album on the facebook page:
"Lucian is a starved pitbull dog rescued from Dayton. He came to our clinic on 8/10/2010, weighing 33 lbs. He was very anemic and infested with fleas and hookworms. He could not stand on his own or even hold his head up. He has received a blood transfusion and other needed care from our clinc. We will continue to update his progress as we can."

Click Lucien's photos to go see other pictures and keep up on his story:
Lucien Then:

Lucien Now:

Friday, September 10, 2010

#12 Nico

#12 Nico
3"x3" acrylic on wooden Plaque Painted 9/9/10

I Saw this adorable pup on the Bruised Not Broken Facebook page... Look at that cute face!!!
Here's the excerpt under his photo album:

*****Re-posting: MEET NICO!! Nico is 3 year old showstopper - seriously, this dog is gorgeous! He is neutered, vaccinated and a graduate of obedience training! What a star! Nico has BEAUTIFUL blue/green eyes and clearly has some sort of American Bulldog in him. He is 65lbs and needs a confident owner - fine w/ cats and good with the dogs in his home, just needs proper introduction. Nico likes to exercise and would love a yard, but also loves to snuggle as well :) *****

Click the picture to go see other pictures and get more info on Nico:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

#11 Linda


I read about "Linda" on the face book Pinups for Pitbulls Page:
***LINDA – A873015 A Volunteer Writes: Lovely Linda is just 3 years old, a 50-pound white and tan pit-mix who has one of the best personalities this volunteer has ever come across. When she came into the shelter she was given the best behavior rating possible: "no concern." So the only thing to wonder about when you spend time with Linda is how one dog is able to give so many kisses! Linda is simply the most loving dog you could hope to find. Whatever brought her to the shelter is behind her-she welcomes everyone who stops to pay attention to her, and when you take her for a walk she thanks you by being as good a girl on leash as she is when you're just sitting with her. Linda is interested in other dogs-friendly and curious, which is her admirable attitude towards life in general. This volunteer canceled her plans for the next day after meeting Linda in order to return and take her for a longer walk and just take in her good vibes. She has that kind of sweet, squooshy face that is irresistible; Linda is everything you could want in a devoted dog; she is ready to start a new life where she is given the chance to be her radiant self with someone who will love her as much as she will love you. ****

word on the internets is that she has been rescued! Click the picture of Linda to go see the original post and to find out more information on this smooshy girl!!!:


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


OK I have my 11th painting, drawn and gessoed... now I have to paint. However in the meantime as promised I have opened my etsy shop go take a peek!

Here's my Profile announcement and policies:
This shop is where I have chosen to sell these paintings, where 90% of the proceeds will go toward the rescues that work so hard to save the lives of those who can not speak up for themselves! I have chose the following three rescues/organizations to donate to: Pinups for Pitbulls, Sweet Bark Pitbull Rescue and Concrete Angels.

here are thier links:

Pinups for Pitbulls (a 501c3 Non-Profit Public Charity!)

Concrete Angels /Modified K-9 Pit bull rescue:

Sweet Bark Pit Bull Rescue

Please do not duplicate any of my paintings with out my permission, they are all © Jamie Schwartz
see www.jammerdesignz.com for my other art.
I accept paypal, if you do not have paypal please send me a conversation to arrange other forms of payment. Also if you would like a copy of the donation receipt I will provide one upon request.
I ship vis USPS if other means are needed send me a note to make other arrangements.
Refunds and Exchanges

No refunds or exchanges. You are buying a one of a kind piece of art, please read the descriptions for size of plaques and to view all the pictures, before purchase to prevent any buyer's remorse. 90% of the proceeds will be immediately donated once received so I can not offer exchanges or refunds.
Additional Policies and FAQs
This is my way of helping out those rescues/ organizations that put it all on the line to save a soul or three or more... I know I can not adopt or save them all, however if the money raised can be put toward good use and to make the life of a pup that much safer and better, then to me it is worth it... The only reason I say 90% instead of 100% is to cover my etsy and paypal fees. I started this because of my love for my own 2 Pitties. They are the loves of my life... Once you allow a bully into your heart you too will understand that they are not the gruesome animals that the media would like you to think!

If you would like a custom commission of your own dogs feel free to send me a note. These will have a 2 week turn around unless otherwise stated as the rescue pups are my focus for the daily paintings. But I do always love a challenge :) 50% of all commissioned pieces will be donated.

Thank you for checking out my etsy shop, feel free to contact me with any other questions I may not have answered.
Last Updated September 07, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

#10 "Reese"

#10 Reese
5"x5" acrylic on wooden plaque

"Reese" is one of the "Dogs of the moment" featured on Little Darling's Pinups for Pitbulls website. Clicking on his picture will bring you to the home page.Little Darling has really worked so hard to help change the public's perspective of these animals!
I really don't know much about Reese, except that he is still available for adoption and that he has a very unique face! I wonder what he is mixed with! &hearts


Also as promised I will be starting to sell my mini paintings! I need to set up my seller's shop so with the next post that will all be ready to go. as well as an outline of the policies and such. This has been such a fun challenge for me, and I already have the next few pups picked out so I can continue after the holiday weekend!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

#9 "Rockee"

#9 "Rockee"

A tattoo client of mine happens to own a rescue in the town where I grew up. Go visit her website here (C.A.P) Well upon one of our sessions she was telling me about some of the animal that they have there... One in particular sent me searching for the site when I got home that night. She told me about an all white pittie mix, named "Rockee". He is deaf, but knows some sign commands and apparently has a super sweet disposition! If we didn't have kitties in our home I already would have persuaded my husband into letting me go snatch this baby to be part of our home. Here's an excerpt from his petfinder page:

*****"Rockee is about 1 yr old , playful, friendly, likes other dogs.....but deaf. we are working at teaching him hand signals and he is picking them up so fast as most deaf dogs do. there is a ton of info on the web on deaf dogs and what great companions they make. if you have a deaf dog or know someone who does and would like to share some info with us or are interested in adopting rockee pls email munchie329@aol.com for an application."*****

click on Rockee's picture to visit his page:


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#8 Macy


"Macy is Adopt.A.Bull" That's what it states on the Modified K9 Pitbull Rescue facebook page!!! Here's an excerpt from her album:

****"She is a very sweet girl who loves to play but is a professional couch potato at best.

Macys ideal home would be one all to herself with no kittys or small dogs, she loves kids & giving kisses

She had done well in her past with calm male dogs...

Macy is in training and learning very fast! She is already house broken & crate trained.

She is in foster care with Concrete Angels Nikki Stixx until her "perfect" family comes along!"****

Rumor also has it she may have found her "Furever Home" Let's keep our fingers crossed for this sweet darling!!

Click on Macy's picture to see other photos and details: